Saint Catharine’s, one of Hamburg’s main churches

Saint Catharine’s is one of Hamburg’s five main churches and, since 2007, has been the subject of a general process of renovation which has also included the temporary constructions created in the post-war period. During the phase involving renovation of the interior of the church, Sellhorn took over client representation as well as cost and schedule controls. Sellhorn also organised the close cooperation with the Regional Church Office, the Office for the Protection of Historic Buildings and Monuments, the body responsible for maintaining archaeological sites and artefacts, the bomb disposal team and the project managers working on the large, neighbouring building site of the “Katherinenquartier” in Hamburg. The work done by those involved in the renovation was rewarded in two ways: by the awarding of the “Building of the Year” award for 2012 by the registered "Architekten- und Ingenieurvereins in Hamburg e.V." and, in 2014, by the awarding of the German Prize for the Protection of Historic Buildings and Monuments by the German National Committee for the Protection of Historic Buildings and Monuments. The recipients of both awards, as one body, were the Guild of Builders of Saint Catherine’s Church.

Photo: View from gallery to construction site, © Michael Zapf

Underpass Waltershofer Damm, Port of Hamburg

The underpass structure for 4 traffic lanes replaces a railway at-level crossing. The tunnel structure was formed by a closed reinforced concrete frame, a proven construction method, with integrated pit wall. The structure is supported by in-situ concrete piles.

Our services: General planning, project management and project control

Ferry and Cruise Terminal, Hamburg-Altona 

Hightech-inspired architecture of the cruise terminal built on the area of the former fishery port in Altona makes a significant contribution to "waterfront construction", an increasingly important topic for Hamburg. 

The building has a length of approx. 200 m. The gross floor area is about 14,000 m², the interior space is about 55,000 m³.