Harbour development in Modjo, Ethiopia

Together with partners, Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft is supporting the Ethiopian authority for maritime affairs with the development of a dry port in the non-coastal city of Modjo.

Since Eritrea’s independence in 1993, Ethiopia has been a landlocked country. The Ethiopia-Djibouti corridor which connects Ethiopia with Djibouti harbour is now the dominating route with more than 95 percent of Ethiopian imports and exports. Ongoing investments in roads and railways along the Ethiopia-Djibouti corridor can significantly reduce transport costs and times and are a key element in increasing investments in exports of products produced in Ethiopia.

The aim of the planned Ethiopia Trade Logistics Project (ETLP) is to increase the capacity of the Ethiopia-Djibouti corridor and the handling capacity, efficiency and logistics services of the dry port of Modjo through investments in harbour infrastructure and to improve information communications technology (ICT) systems as well as support regulatory and institutional capacities. A further aim is to increase export goods and the income of manufacturers and traders and to create jobs for citizens.

With this scheme, the extension and modernisation of the dry port of Modjo is being financed through investments in the following harbour facilities:

  • Rail handling facility
  • Silos and bagging plant
  • Container storage area and equipment
  • Duty-free and general warehouses
  • Consolidation centre for containers (mainly for export)

The commission for Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH und Partner comprises of:

  • Technical, economic and financial feasibility study
  • Production of the master plan
  • Production of the draft concept and planning including the environmental and social management plan
  • Preparation of tendering documents
  • Construction supervision and contract management