Project Presentation Airbus A400M

A new maintenance hangar for transport aircraft of the A400M class will be built at the Bundeswehr base in Wunstorf in Lower Saxony over the next few years. Sellhorn has been on board as general planner since 2019 and is supporting Airbus in the realization of this mega project. Due to the effects of the corona pandemic, this project had to be paused for a short time, but thanks to the tireless effort of everyone involved, it was able to be resumed in recent years.

The air transport squadron 62 of the German Air Force is stationed at the air base in Wunstorf and in order to meet the increased demands on military air transport, the squadron is being equipped with new transport aircrafts of the A400M class. Since entering service in August 2013, the Airbus A400M, also known as the "Atlas", has replaced the outdated stock of Transall and Lockheed aircraft in more and more European NATO countries.

With the expansion of the A400M fleet at the Bundeswehr base, additional maintenance capacities must be created and therefore a maintenance hangar with adjoining workshop and office area as well as associated technical/supply buildings, apron and outdoor facilities are being built in the immediate vicinity of the air base.

Sellhorn is grateful to be able to accompany this exciting and extensive project from the beginning and to carry out the planning of all external infrastructure for e.g. the operational and outdoor areas including media supply for Airbus in the function as general planner.

As soon as the first construction work begins, Sellhorn will also accompany the project as local construction supervisor. We will keep you up to date!