Completion of the new Olympus factory in Coimbra, Portugal

The new Olympus plant in Coimbra was completed in autumn 2022 and put into operation during a festive ceremony. In the future, up to 300 employees will work in the plant, which will become the largest Olympus repair center in Europe.

Olympus Medical Products Portugal planned the realization of new service and production areas in a new plant in Coimbra, Portugal.

The area to be planned consisted of individual plots of land in the area of the so-called iParque in Coimbra/Portugal. Coimbra, an old university town, is centrally located in Portugal between Porto to the north, about 150 km away, and Lisbon to the south, about 250 km away. The plots of land required for the plant were acquired by Olympus and prepared as a preliminary measure for the new plant.

The Olympus plant in Coimbra consists of 3 halls, of which 2 halls have two floors and one hall has mezzanines. The four-storey office building is connected to the halls and can be expanded by another storey if required. The outdoor facilities are designed with green areas and parking lots.

Sellhorn was commissioned by Olympus with the general planning for the building, including the technical equipment, the structural design and the planning of the outdoor facilities for all planning services. Part of the order was also the structural engineering project management.

We are pleased to have played a key role in this great project.

For more information, see the press release from Olympus.


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