Our architectural and engineering services include the construction of individual buildings as well as entire industrial, commercial and service facilities. We always keep the individual requirements of our customers clearly in mind.

Extension of Building 5 for Daimler, Bremen, Germany

At the Bremen site of Mercedes-Benz, the extension of the building 5 will be realized during operation. The expansion of the building includes a new addition for press parts and logistics with the associated infrastructure including partial or full demolition of existing buildings or relocation of existing lightweight constructions.

Construction of a New Container Repair Facility, Hamburg Altenwerder-West, Germany

Due to the reorganization of the site caused by a land clearance for the construction of a locomotive service center, a new building is being built in the southern area for the execution of repair and service work. The new building is characterized by an almost complete open side as well as by the fact that sea containers are parked in several hall segments across the hall. The new building will receive an office and social section as well as workshop and storage rooms.

Packing Hall with Integrated Office Building, Hamburg, Germany

In HH-Wilhelmsburg a packaging hall with an integrated office building was built. It is characterized by the size of the storage areas and the cranes with high load capacities. The halls are separated by a covered passage.

Establishment of a Storage Area at HELA Spice Plant, Ahrensburg, Germany

With the expansion of the production of spices at HELA spice plant in Ahrensburg, a conversion of a former foils storage hall into an allergen storage area with a usable area of 1,250 m² took place. For this purpose, the hall floor was directed at the new needs and completely renovated during operation. Also, cooling and separate room cells were created, and bagging stations and deposits were installed.

Airbus Hall 26 Extension, Hamburg, Germany

An existing production hall was expanded by 63 m to create additional assembly areas for the expansion and serial production of the A350 aircraft series. The construction measures were carried out during ongoing production. In addition, social and auxiliary rooms were set up in a building of timber frame construction.

LEGO Warehouse Expansion, Grettstadt, Germany

In addition to the existing building, an automatic pallet storage building with an usable area of approx. 4,600 m² was built as an extension to the Grettstadt location. The usable area is divided into the high-rack storage area for approx. 6,500 pallets as well as a picking area. The extension is fully sprinkled and fits into the existing terrain.

Direct Floor Connection for Office Space at Teilfeld 5, Hamburg, Germany

Due to the expansion of the office space, a direct floor connection was created to improve internal communication and the resulting open area was upgraded. The connection is characterized by a slender staircase construction as well as glass walls on the 3rd floor, which form the technical boundary of fire protection.

Renovation of St. Katharinen Church, Hamburg, Germany

St. Katharinen, one of the five main churches in Hamburg, has existed since the 13th century and has been supplemented several times over the centuries. After the almost complete destruction in the Second World War, reconstruction took place in the 1950s. Since 2007, the church has undergone a general renovation. The reinauguration took place in 2012; the restoration work was completed with the reconstruction of the tower hall during the advent season in 2014.

Kitchen Expansion at Hotel "Zollenspieker Fährhaus", Hamburg, Germany

The Zollenspieker Fährhaus is a popular destination in the south of Hamburg in a direct outdoor area on the Elbe. After the expansion with the new hotel, the existing kitchen was expanded and modernized during operation. In order to meet the preservation order,  the extension was in the style of the existing foyer. The kitchen area is now open to the newly designed wine house.

Creation of New Service Areas for Medical Services for Olympus, Hamburg, Germany

New service areas are being created in Hamburg for Medical Service. This is done in a rental property, which is upgraded and converted for the tenant Olympus. In this case, the operational requirements are to be reconciled with the structural conditions of the rental object. The rented space is characterized by the largest possible fire compartments with service areas on the ground floor, including the delivery zone. In addition, office and social areas will be set up in two emerging floors. In a separated area on the ground floor is a training center, which is characterized by its open alignment with a central collecting place.

Construction of a Warehouse and Logistic Areas of UTC, Hamburg, Germany

To expand the site at HH-Finkenwerder a new warehouse with approx. 1,200 m² of floor area for turbines, production equipment and tools was created. The surrounding areas have been adapted so that a complete bypass of the hall is possible.

Four-Star Hotel "Zollenspieker Fährhaus" along the Elbe River, Germany

Directly along the Elbe river beside the listed Zollenspieker Fährhaus, a new hotel building with 52 rooms and about 6,000 m² floor space and a converted space of 22,000 m³ was built. The hotel is classified as a four-star hotel and captivates by its special location. All rooms offer views to the Elbe river. In addition to lounge, bar, breakfast and conference areas on the ground floor, there is a spacious wellness area in the basement.

Renovation of St. Michaelis Church, Hamburg, Germany

Since 2008, the main church of St. Michaelis had undergone extensive sanitation measures. In doing so the entire interior as well as the roof on the church nave was rebuilt including new roof truss and copper roofing. The crypt was completely renovated and used during the construction phase for church operations. Apart from extensive technical modernizations of heating, sanitary and electrical installations, the extravagantly stucco decorations and their partial gilding were refurbished, as well as the altar, the font and the pulpit.