We are an efficient partner for the general planning of transport facilities. In particular, we specialise in the separation of traffic routes on roads and railways.

Expansion of the Railway Infrastructure at Imsumer Deich, Bremerhaven, Germany

Bremen's ports have a well-developed rail infrastructure with a track length of 229 km away. With their stations in Bremerhaven and Bremen to form an effective interface between the rear and the terminals. The massive increase in rail traffic in Bremerhaven leads to a high utilization of railway infrastructure. In order to be able to offer an efficient infrastructure in the future, the existing Imsumer Deich group will be expanded by 8 siding tracks (750 m usable length). The new group is established parallel to the already existing shunting yard Imsumer dyke. The track group is equipped with catenary, point heating, signalling and a braking system. The existing signalling box "Stf" is extended. The construction project is funded by the European Union.

Double-track Railway Expansion and Electrification Project S21 Eidelstedt – Kaltenkirchen, Germany

The Hamburg S-Bahn network is to be extended to the outskirts. For this purpose the AKN route A1 Eidelstedt to Kaltenkirchen will be equipped with an overhead contact line (15 kV, 16 2/3 Hz). A single track section will be upgraded to two tracks and the train platforms will be converted and extended for the S-Bahn. Further more construction and modifications of bridges and tunnels have been designed. As a General Planner Sellhorn was responsible for the arrangement of the approval documents (Planfeststellung) and the coordination of subcontractors für soil, noise, vibrations and EMV.

Renewal and Extension of the Rail Facilities in Rüstersieler Groden, Germany

About 5 - 6 million tonnes of coal are imported annually via Wilhelmshaven. A large part of this is transported by rail to power plants into the hinterland. In order to be even better equipped, the railway facilities in Rüstersieler Groden were renewed and extended. In addition to two new entrance and exit tracks, an electrical managing system for the switches and a point heating facility were installed. The track renewal was co-financed by funds from the SGFFG.

Adaption of Subway Tracks for Hamburger Hochbahn, Germany

The subway tracks had to be trimmed for the program for the barrier-free expansion of the Hamburger Hochbahn as well as the network extension (U4 and U5). We supported the runway from the night raid of the stock to adaptations as a result of changes in the platform as well as the design of complicated track plans, taking into account a variety of constraints.

Relocation of Street "Wilhelmsburger Reichsstraße", Hamburg, Germany

In order to relocate Wilhelmsburger Reichsstraße, the corridor of former railway facilities had to be cleared and the tracks adapted. The client DEGES included the DB AG as the owner of the railway facilities in the measures.

Railway Access to JadeWeserPort (JWP), Wilhelmshaven, Germany

The port of JWP Wilhelmshaven consists of a feed line (about 4 km) and a 16-track leading group. Worth mentioning are the dykes in the supply route, which is a road bridge, and the steel bridge at the end of the supply line. The railway traffic is controlled by a modern ESTW of the construction Sil.Via (BBR). At the water end of the introductory group, the railway lines of the transshipment station connect to the container terminal of EUROGATE. In the introductory group, various facilities are available for the treatment of traction units and damaged vehicles as well as for the stay of the train crew. The trains are prepared for future electrification.